I have 25+ years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including at Boehringer Ingelheim and Sanofi; served in a variety of roles in sales, marketing, business operations and learning & development, at local, regional and global level.

My affinity with therapeutic areas include Respiratory, Urology, Oncology, Multiple Sclerosis, Immunology, Rare Diseases and Vaccines. Moreover, I have led late stage product portfolios, Value Based Health Care initiatives, as well as consumer care and business development projects.

Because of a broad interest and experience, I have had the privilege to work with many healthcare stakeholders: thought leaders, hospital & primary care professionals, nurses, patient advocacy groups, pharmacists, agencies and commercial partners.

I am particularly fascinated by ‘why and how’ people do the things they do. And what makes people change their behaviours (or not!). This makes me an excellent sparring partner for cross-functional teams that wish to improve (change) the way they engage with customers and partners.

Recently, I have been in business partner roles to perform transitions to new ways of working at Sanofi Genzyme Europe, including implementations of global Marketing & Brand Planning Excellence frameworks and Field Force Excellence approaches. From 2020 I am affiliated with Uptake Strategies, a UK-based pharma & biotech consultancy agency offering award-winning, industry-leading services to global healthcare companies across strategy, planning, capability and launch. 

I am based near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. People would describe me as empathetic, pragmatic and eager to deliver positive and meaningful outcomes.

In case you need additional hands, heart and brains, to kick start or continue a sales/marketing/beyond-the-pill project. Or to bridge a resource gap.
In the last 3 years I have been delivering support to :


Brand Planning | Launch Readiness | Brand Management | Portfolio Reactivation | Project Implementation | Capability Training | Wargaming | Customer Engagement | Setting Objectives & Key Results | Etc…