The Lighthouse Identity = Guillaume Karremans. He offers additional brain, heart and hands to your commercial operations with the aim to improve the effectiveness of your strategy and tactics. Feel free to get in touch for a good conversation on:

  • Marketing excellence & brand management
  • Field force excellence
  • Project management



We do not believe in rehashing last year’s brand plan. Neither should you! Build a brand plan that heralds change. Take a step-by-step approach in your cross-functional team. Start with brand foundation, segmentation, brand positioning, messaging, customer engagement journeys, kpis, financials.


In pharma sales, having the best products and the best people is a great starting point. To make a real difference with your customers you will also need a good approach.
Consider a smart customer-facing approach that is tailored to your team and your customer segments. Your approach should address mindset (why), behaviour (how) and content (what). It should encourage your customer-facing people to improve one percent every day on what they already do well: delivering inspiring interactions that resonate with your customers.


Whether you like it the Agile, Lean or Design Thinking way, you wish to devote careful attention to the design and execution of your (VBHC) project. You might consider bringing an ‘outsider’ in for problem recognition and efficient set up of process and communication. For various reasons…

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