Lighthouse is the alter ego of Guillaume Karremans: commercial effectiveness specialist in pharmaceutical industry and beyond. Super hands-on change agent. Empathetic, pragmatic and eager to deliver positive and meaningful outcomes.

Living in a small village near Amsterdam, I share the house and garden with 3 beautiful and healthy women: two daughters, Marijn & Imke, and fiancée Romee.

In our home you can hear the sound of piano, cello, violin or French horn, depending on whose turn it is to play… Music is an important element in our personal lives and we are very passionate about it.

Like my daughters, I started playing music from a young age. Professional and amateur musicians have always inspired me to improve my ‘performance’. And they still do, every day. My aim is to provide an experience that sounds great for my audience, in any composition: solo, ensemble symphonic orchestra.

In my professional role it is quite the same. Sometimes I operate solo, and most of the times together with colleagues and teams across disciplines and geographies. Like in an orchestra.

I feel really happy being connected with friends, colleagues and clients, and in creating something meaningful. Something meaningful that looks, feels and sounds great.